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frequently asked questions

Where is Rainbow River Lodge?

Rainbow River Lodge is located 210 miles to the South West of Anchorage.  We are located on the Copper River, which was one of the first “Trophy Trout” Fly-Fishing only rivers in the State of Alaska.  We are accessible only by floatplane.  Our only neighbors are bear, moose and a few million fish.

When is the best fishing?

In order for us to answer this best for you, we need to know what you want to experience in Alaska.  Each of our 5 species of Salmon enter our rivers at different times of the year.  Our rainbow fishing also changes during the season as their food source changes in the rivers.  June, July, August and September all offer unique experiences.  We will discuss each of these time periods with you to find what experience best matches your specific interests.

How many guests are at the lodge during my week?

We only accept 12 fishermen each week.  Exclusive use of the lodge may be arranged for groups of 11 fishermen.

What is the guide to fishermen ratio?

We have 6 guides on staff for a max of 12 fishermen.  We are very proud of our guide team.  No young kids here that are just going to take you on a boat ride or a hike.  These are all older professional men who have made guiding their life.  They have multiple seasons of guiding in our area with valuable local knowledge of our fisheries guaranteeing you a great day on the river.

Will my cell phone work at the lodge?

There are no cell towers within range of the lodge.  However, we do have a satellite phone at the lodge for you to use.  Any standard calling card works to place long distant calls.  We also have a satellite Internet connection with a wireless router.  If you want to bring your laptop, you can get a wireless signal around your cabin and lodge.  We also have a computer for your use located in the main lodge building.

Do you provide fishing gear?

If you don’t have the proper rod selection for your week of fishing or just don’t want the hassle of traveling with your rods, we will provide you with the necessary gear.  Rainbow River Lodge provides rods, reels, flies, leaders, tippet and everything else needed to fish our rivers. We do ask you bring waders, non-felt bottom wading boots (no-studs please) and a good gore-tex jacket.

For more info on this please refer to our equipment page. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any other questions you may have at 1-888-234-9552.

Thanks,Chad Hewitt