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meet our guides

Benjamin Todd

Date of Birth: 10/26/76
Home Town: Bend, Oregon
Years Fly fishing: 14 yrs
Years Guiding: 8 yrs
Favorite Rivers: Kamishak, Funnel, American
Favorite AK Species: Silver salmon, Sea run Char
Favorite Style of Fishing: streamer fishing, Wogging for Silvers
Other Hobbies: Golfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking

Dorian Thompson

Home Town: Glide, North Umpqua, Oregon
Years fly fishing; 20
Guiding: 11 years
Favorite River: anywhere that holds Steelhead
Favorite AK Fish: Hog Bow's
Style: “Mouse Em Up”
Hobbies: “I love chasing fish And rowing Boats, I guess tying flies would be the only other thing I know how to do...”

tim pearson

Date of Birth: 8/4/79   
Home Town: Silver Bay,MN
Years Fly fishing: 22   
Years Guiding: Total of 12, with 5 in AK.
Favorite Rivers: Any with wild rainbow trout or steelhead.
Favorite AK Species: Rainbow trout of Bristol Bay
Favorite Style of Fishing: Streamer fishing and dry fly fishing of the mouse variety.
Other Hobbies: painting, hunting, birdingLinks to you blogs or website

Chris Leeman   

Date of Birth:  11/29/1983
Home Town:    Bend/ Sunriver, Oregon
Years Fly fishing: 10-11 Years
Years Guiding: 5 years in Southwest Alaska at Rainbow River Lodge
Favorite Rivers: Lower Deschutes, OR North Umpqua, OR
Favorite AK Species:  Big wild rainbows and Silvers!
Favorite Styles of Fishing:   Bringing fish to the surface, and Swinging the Thing!

Monty Thierry

Date of Birth: OLD
Home Town: Woodland WA
Years Fly fishing: 30+
Years Guiding: Full time Steelheadguide for 9 years. Owner/Operator of Reel Adventures Guide Service offering premium fly fishing and conventional gear drift boat/raft float trip throughout Washington State.
Favorite Rivers: Kllickitat, Sol Duc, Funnel Creek
Favorite AK Species: Rainbow and Silvers on the fly
Favorite Style of Fishing: Any method my clients prefer to target Steelhead is my favorite. Fly fishing, spinning gear, conventional tackle and any combination.
Other Hobbies: Just celebrating our 33rd year of marriage my wife and I enjoy to sea kayak in the San Juan Island near Seattle WA. We also enjoy photography, mountain biking, hiking, camping and spending time with our 2 daughters who are now 23 and 27 years old. Links to you blogs or webiste
Other Hobbies:    Golf, Fly Tying, Videography, Snowboarding

Zach Benson

Date of Birth: January 21, 1980
Home Town: Upstate NY - as far as you can go before hitting Canada.
Years Fly fishing: 20
Years Guiding: 9
Favorite Rivers: Back home my favorite has got to be The Deerfield River in Charlemont, Massachusettes... but here in AK its a river where the water is blue, the Char are big and the Bows are transparent... Come to lodge and I'll tell you its name.
Favorite AK Species: Bows and CharFavorite
Style of Fishing: I'm pretty traditional - dries and indicators with a single handed rod... however with all the Salt water fishing I have done throughout New England I love taking heavy sink tips and big flies into deep pockets to see whos hungry!
Other Hobbies: Carving decoys and fish plaques.Links to you blogs or webiste etc...

Mike Goeser

Date of Birth: September 10, 1982
Home Town: Scandinavia, Wisconsin
Years Fly Fishing: 20 years
Years Guiding: 8 years
Favorite Rivers:  Gibraltar, Kamishack, Iliamna, small tribs of Lake Iliamna
Favorite AK Species: Rainbows of Bristol Bay, Coastal Silvers
Favorite Style of Fishing: Mousing, Drys and Large Streamers
Other Hobbies: Tying flies, Running jet sleds, rowing rivers, chasing midwest whitetails and Rocky mountain elk